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Paring Centre
In this service we point out:

  • A very careful horse handling.
  • The competence and discipline of our instructors and the thorough obedience to the teaching method.
  • The team's personalized relation to each costumer.

Sporting Competition

Considered as a goal for some of our pupils, supported and encouraged by us, the sporting competition, namely the dressage discipline and mainly the parameters of its evaluation, are also the foundation on which the school's teaching methods stands.

Courses and Internships

Aimed at the students of our school, and/or groups of Portuguese and foreign riders, they are composed of field and theoretical lessons, these are accompanied by texts, photos, movies, and other items provided under the guidance of highly skilled instructors.

Equestrian Events and Shows

We promote and organize birthday parties, christenings, tours, congresses, and other events, along with Equestrian Shows and a high quality catering service. The Equestrian Shows are always accompanied by music and they excel by their beauty, imagination and artistic presentations.

Equestrian Items Store

Our store has all the items that are needed for the practice of this sport and offers the guarantee of the most prestigious brands in this industry.

We point out:

  • Equestrian sporting apparel
  • Equipments, accessories and saddlery
  • All sorts of horse care items
  • Several horse related items

Restaurant and Snack-Bar

Besides our usual breakfast, lunch and snack services we have three other alternatives available by previous order:

  • Cocktail
  • Movable lunch or dinner
  • Fork lunch or dinner