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Equitop: Equestrian School in Oeiras

The Equitop equestrian school was created on the 1 st of January 1993 . It has been since then, dedicated to several equestrian activities, namely the study, planning, implementation, directing and management of equestrian centres and all of its technical and commercial components. In this sense Equitop has beendeveloping a pioneer work in Portugal 's equestrian tutoring.

Headquartered in the Quinta da Moura Equestrian Centre, in Caxias , Equitop has created an infrastructure capable of bringing a new dynamic to teaching and promoting of equestrian shows based on the Portuguese traditional and sport riding.

The Riding School – Although the school is primarily meant for advanced classes it also has vaulting and medium stage classes in its schedules. In addition to the advanced class there are also periodical show jumping lessons.

Horse maintenance – Provided by the following services: Accommodation, horse grooming, feeding and mainly the paring and/or teaching by expert riding instructors. Equitop also gives support not only to breeders, but also to other costumers, horsemen, and horse owners, providing equestrian technical assistance and helping in the adjustment to the horse's technical evolution.

The equestrian shows are accompanied by music and directed in such way that they result in real equestrian ballets, usually associated to festive events in which we provide the space and the catering.

The Quinta da Moura Equestrian Centre is placed in an excellent location, just a few minutes from the centre of Lisbon , by the “ Caxias /Marginal” exit of the Cascais Motorway (A5).

The school has already become a reference in the equestrian scene due to the quality of its services, namely the teaching of riders and horses.

Located in a rural area, with a very calm and friendly environment the centre has good facilities.